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Think Different. Train Different. Play Different.

At My Hockey House, we are a team of dedicated coaches and experts who confidently and consistently put our words into action. Our unique approach to development focuses on not just improving a player's on-ice skills and off-ice strength & conditioning, but also improving the player's mental performance, nutrition, and overall well-being. 

Our tagline "We raise your game! Think Different. Train Different. Play Different." reflects our commitment to challenging the traditional ways of training and thinking about hockey development. We are a family of resources here to assist, guide and support the growth of players at any level.

We earn trust.  We earn respect.  We earn loyalty.  

We are different.


My Hockey House Pillars



We believe that cultivating a sense of gratitude is important in developing a positive and healthy mindset. By focusing on the things we're thankful for, we can shift our perspective and appreciate the opportunities and experiences we have.  Playing this sport is a privilege.  Let's never forget it.



A positive attitude is essential in achieving success both on and off the ice. We believe that maintaining a can-do attitude, being open to feedback, and approaching challenges with a growth mindset can help players reach their full potential.



Honesty is at the core of building trust and relationships. We encourage our players to be honest with themselves and their coaches and to take responsibility for their learning while holding their coaches accountable for their teaching.



We understand that progress takes time, and patience is key in achieving long-term success. We encourage our players to trust the process, stay focused on their goals, and celebrate their small wins along the way.



At the end of the day, hockey should be enjoyable and fun! We believe that incorporating fun and creativity into training sessions can help players stay motivated and engaged, and ultimately lead to better performance.

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