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MyHockeyHouse Power PlayPass

Hello There!

At My Hockey House, we're excited to introduce our new and flexible options designed to elevate your hockey experience. Whether you're a player or a dedicated parent, these opportunities are tailored to fit your busy schedules and provide you with more access to premium coaching.

1. MHH Power Play Pass:
Are you ready to power up your game? Our MHH 10 Session "Power Play Pass" is the ultimate game-changer. With this pass, you gain the freedom to attend any My Hockey House program, any time, at any rink within the correct age range and season (subject to capacity). You have the flexibility to use your 10 sessions for 60-minute or 75-minute sessions.

How it works: To use your Power Play Pass, simply notify us at least 72 hours before the session you wish to attend (capacity-dependent). This pass is available for both our Fall and Winter programs, offering an incredible value at just $650.

2. Prime Pick Up - Player:
Take control of your practice and skill development with our Prime Pick Up - Player option. For a small fee of $40, you can access My Hockey House ice during scheduled Fall or Winter programs. Whether you want to refine your shot, work on skating, or just enjoy some personal practice, this option is perfect for you. Please note that no instruction is provided, and spots are limited. We require 48 hours' notice for all pick-up requests.

3. Prime Pick Up - Private:
Looking for a personalized coaching experience? Our Prime Pick Up - Private option allows you to use MHH ice and a dedicated MHH Coach for a 1:1 private session during scheduled Fall or Winter programs. The fee varies depending on the coach you select, with a minimum fee of $180 (inclusive of premium ice and coaching). Space is limited, and 48 hours' notice is necessary for all pick-up requests.

4. Prime Pick Up - Pro:
With Prime Pick Up - Pro, you have the same benefits as the Player option, plus the freedom to bring your own coach for instruction. This option costs $100, and coaches are to be paid separately. Your coach must meet specific requirements set by My Hockey House Inc., ensuring a safe and effective training experience.

To have Prime Pick Up access, you must be a registered member of My Hockey House. A regular membership costs $50, while a VIP membership is $100 and runs from October 1/23 to September 30/24.

A regular My Hockey House membership grants you access to all Prime Pick-Up ice (age and capacity dependent), early registration access, and a My Hockey House jersey.

A VIP My Hockey House membership offers additional perks, including the ability to make up sessions with only 24 hours' notice, execute player replacements for sessions your player can't attend, participate in drop-ins for any program that aligns with age and level (capacity dependent), and a My Hockey House jersey.
These options provide added flexibility for busy families and players, all while offering opportunities for skill improvement. We're committed to enhancing your hockey journey and are excited to see you benefit from these new offerings.

Don't miss out on these exciting opportunities to take your hockey game to new heights! Email us to learn more and secure your place in our programs.

Feel free to reach out with any questions or to sign up for these options!

Think Different.  Play Different. Train Different.

So don't wait! Register now and get ready to speed up your game!

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